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Uncomfortably Close

Smudge stretching up on fridge. Check out those claws.

Smudge stretching up on the fridge. Check out those claws.

Being ignored is catastrophic for Smudge because I am studying again. He would love to have my attention 24/7. While I sit at the desk working, he stretches up and taps my thigh with a splayed paw. A claw gets caught in the bottom of my jumper and Smudge tries to pull away. The more he tugs his claw is further stuck in the knit. I am not happy as it’s a new jumper. His eyes are now dilated and I anticipate ‘Ninja’ antics.

Literally I am connected to my cat. To disengage the connection I lean over, but it doesn’t help. Think, think. Next I proceed to roll off the chair and am left crouching on the rug. Not wanting to be slashed by his free ‘Ninja’ paw or bitten, I stretch out part of my jumper so he can release his claw.

Evil cat.

Evil moggie. Look at his eyes.

Yay, it works and I breathe deeply. From previous experience, I had forgotten how hazardous studying has become. Owh! Just been nipped on the ankle. Smudge scoots out of the room, but returns within minutes. He’s sitting close, looking up with those eyes and extends his paw again.

The Human.

P.S. Would love to hear any demanding cat stories.


Ninja Paws

My lethal weapons

My lethal weapons. 

The human says I have ‘Ninja Paws’, whatever that means. They are pretty handy, swiping things, including her head when she won’t get up in the morning, but scratching the rug, couch or doona usually gets me in trouble big time if I’m caught. With sharp claws I can skewer things, especially food, and attach myself to the human’s arm or leg.

Sometimes, I’m embarrassed if a claw gets caught in the small mat while I’m batting a ball.

Suddenly, it flips over and I’m underneath, struggling to escape. Pulling and kicking doesn’t help, but luckily, the human comes to the rescue.

Me and 'that' rug.

Me and ‘that’ rug.

It happens again in the morning when the human is in her long, fluffy gown, rushing around ignoring me. I’ll give her a swipe as she walks past, but my claw gets caught and I’m attached to her. We both tug.

‘Hang on Smudge,’ She is hopping on one leg then crouches down. ‘Stop pulling.’ My ears are flat and my tail is twitching as I swipe her with my other paw. ‘Hey, I’m trying to help,’ she yells. The human isn’t impressed. It takes ages before I’m free. ‘There,’ she says, you are unhooked.’

‘Whew!’ I stand up. That was so annoying. Maybe I should have nipped her instead. That always works. I saunter off to find something to play with.