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Happy that the 'Ancient One' is here with the human.

Happy that the ‘Ancient One’ is here with the human.






My nose twitches and I hear muffled sounds. The human is back. She appears at the front entrance with the ancient human, who is clutching her arm.

The oldie shuffles in. Her scent is similar to the human’s. The fur on top of her head is wiry, unlike the human’s glossy fur. Both have similar markings on their faces—must be from the same litter.

‘Hello, have you been a good boy?’ The oldie beams as I smooch around her wobbly legs. There is a gentleness about her. She limps, probably from a big jump.

‘Don’t knock her over Smudge,’ the human exclaims.

I follow them to where the food is kept. The human prepares some treats. Afterwards, they rest on the couch. Soon the human is raising her voice and sighing at her guest, (just like she does with me).

Months later

I don’t know what’s wrong… The human is quiet. She stares ahead and is making throaty sounds. I’ve tried getting her attention – nipping her chunky leg. Normally, she’d jump up and yell, but she barely moves. Maybe, she is sick and should go to see Dr Hindmarsh. When I go, I usually feel better.

After many moons, the human is almost back to her loud, annoying self. I’ve been plonking myself on her lap and being extra smoochie, but really, she should be fussing over me. She wears a tag around her neck that has the scent of the oldie. What happened to her?


This post is dedicated to my mum.


Moonlight Mates

Skip practising his leaps.

Skip practising his leaps.







After hanging out with the possums who are fun dudes, I met neighbourhood moggies, young Skip and Pandora. Pandora reminded me of my mum—big and soft. Every night, we  would meet on the big hotplate— used for charing food – and talk about our humans and our day.

Skip would practise leaping and scaling the fence. His paws would wobble, so he didn’t get very far down the fence-line. I think he had trouble balancing because of his big head and skinny body. He told us how as a kitten, his brothers and sisters raced ahead, leaving him behind. The little guy didn’t have striking markings like me, but a plain, taupe/white coat and ginger ears. Skip wasn’t territorial and his elderly human adored him, even when she tripped over his tail.

Pandora shared her place with heaps of humans and a gi-normous mutt, named Corby. She kept him in-line by swiping his nose and skewering his tail. Cats Rule!

Us moggies became good mates, but then Skip disappeared and new humans took over his home. I still miss him… Not long after, Pandora’s coat became scruffy so she didn’t come out anymore. The moon was full when Corby barked, ‘Pandora is gone.’

I was even more upset when that mutt sprawled out in her favourite spot of the garden. Her humans brought back another mutt to live with them. Pandora would not have been happy and I wasn’t impressed.

Dogs are so pathetic – drooling to please. No dignity, but Cats Always Rule!

Miaow to Skip and Pandora.