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Holding On


What? I didn’t do anything.

One thing Smudge and I both agree on, is that he does his business outside. When away for a night, coming home to a load of his droppings—not to mention the smell—and litter strewn two metres away from the tray, is not ideal.

A mobile vet suggested I reduce the amount of litter—which I did—however, I am still cleaning-up after Smudge. The big mog can’t resist sending granules flying with his ninja moves.

Sometimes I won’t get up after being tortured, or I may sleep in, and having tradesmen around also deters Smudge from going outside. Later, I’ll find a surprise in the shower or dining room.


The offending end.

I left home early and returned at lunchtime, when a worker arrived to discuss a job. From the dining room corner Smudge made strange chirping sounds and started to circle, then scratch the floor. Realising what was about to happen, I rushed over pushing a dining chair out of the way and grabbed Smudge around the belly. His body flopped in my hands leaving all paws dangling. As I sprinted toward the backdoor and turfed him outside,  droppings plopped onto the floor leaving a trail.

Earlier, Smudge didn’t go outside, but chose to snooze instead. He always scoffs the expensive, dry food I give him, and enjoys a little bit of wet food too. His droppings were solid, easy to pick-up with a paper towel and flush down the toilet.

The Human.


Training Your Human

Snacks in in bowl.

Snacks in my bowl.

Humans aren’t too bright. They like to think that they’re the ‘Top Cat’, but we know who the superior ones are! With a bit of training and rewards (smooches), you will soon have yours wrapped around your paw. Start with food training…

Step 1:  Sit in front of the cupboard or cold storage and miaow. If you don’t get your human’s attention then scratch the drawer or door. Only the really slow ones don’t get it. If this fails, try clawing or biting their ankle.

Step 2:  While your human is getting your dinner do some smooching around their legs, but try not to trip them over. It makes them think that you’re grateful… but really, you just want them to hurry up.

Once food is in your bowl, ignore them and scoff it down.


This is what I'd like.

This is what I’d like.