Opps, my tail!

Opps, my tail! 

Lion’s Paws, what was that? I bolt off the bed and try and squeeze behind the dressing table, but get stuck and scratch the wall. There’s that loud crack again! I squish through and wriggle underneath the dresser, the tips of my ears just touching the bottom drawer. The human is awake and rolls out of bed. ‘Are you okay?’ She crouches on all fours, her nose pressed to the floor. I reach out and try and swipe her. ‘Missed?’ she grunts. The human gets up and thumps down the hall. She returns later with my breakfast.

‘Had a bit of trouble squeezing through? You enjoy your food too much, Smudge. Come out,’ but I stay for ages. I feel safe in my small, dark space, although I’ve forgotten to pull in my tail as you can see.

Lately, the human has been entertaining. There are lots of humans, even mini-ones, whom I’m not particularly fond of. When there’s too much noise, I hide under the bed. The mini-humans want to play all the time. I humour them for a while, but really, I just want to snooze. You’d think after a few hisses, they’d get the message, but really, these mini-ones don’t have much between the ears, so I’ll dive under the dresser.

Nice and toasty!

Nice and toasty! 

The heavy water has stopped falling from the sky. I come out and ‘wolf’ down my breakfast, (pardon the pun), then retreat to the human’s bed. Rolling myself up, I feel safe and comfy.




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