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Bed Time Checks and Paw Prints

Op-oh, sprung! My paw prints.

Op-oh, sprung with my signature paw prints!








When she’s been working late, the human is hilarious checking on me before she goes to bed. As you know, I have many comfy snoozing places, but a rug on the couch is my usual night-time spot. When the human comes in, she doesn’t turn on the light and crouches down, putting out her big mitt to feel if I’m on the couch. What catnip is she on? Her mitt is above my head, so I swipe it. Immediately, she yells and pulls back her arm.

‘You’re not very nice… Wondered if you were here.’

Part of our daily routine are games of chasey. Afterwards, I’ll be tuckered out and will lap up pools of fresh water from the giant water bowl after the human has washed. I don’t mind getting my paws wet. It tastes better that the water in my own bowl. When the human gets up the next day, she discovers muddy paw prints in the giant bowl, on the shiny floor and down the hall.

‘Smudge!’ She cleans them up when I’m outside doing my business and patrolling the backyard.

Innocent me.

Innocent me.









Scooting up the path, I dash inside, lap up some more water and retire to the lounge. My head is turned as I’m grooming my left shoulder. The human appears and is yelling again. I look up. ‘What?’ and continue to clean my fur. She shakes her head and leaves the room. Humans… Sometimes dumb things upset them.