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Fur Balls and a Runny Nose

Me lounging on the bed without the human.

Me lounging on the bed without the human. So much room!










Lion’s paws! What’s wrong with the human? She had flopped onto her bed and crawled under the doona for a few moons, bringing up some kind of fur balls, heaps of them, which is strange ’cause she doesn’t have a glossy coat like me.

When I want breakfast, I usually whack her face with my paw. Normally, she’d roll over, but this time she opened her eyes and made a racket, coughing into sheets of litter-type stuff. Her whole body shook—I know how she feels. I nudged her cheek with my nose, but she just lay there, so I thought I’d better snuggle up and keep her company. Who knew when my next feed would be, but she did manage to get up a couple of times to do her business and leave me some dry food—crunchies. The first time up, she left the back door open.

I could come and go whenever—have some fun, but I’d thought I’d better stay and wait till the human was back to her annoying self again. It was comfy lounging on the rugs on top of the doona, except it was irritating when she was  honking her nose and bringing up fur balls.

Finally, the human was up. ‘Come on, let’s play.’ I dashed off down the hall, but she lagged behind. ‘Hurry up!’ Instead of chasing me, she went to the food cupboard and made some breakfast. ‘Hey, where’s mine?’ Now that the human was better, it was time for her to attend to my needs.