Fun, Comfort and Useful Tails










The human has left me a new object to play with. It’s bigger than me, has strings attached and makes scrunching sounds when I dart in and tumble around—so much fun!  When I get in, she is ready to snap and flash that annoying thing in my face, so I dash out before she can get a good piccy. ‘Click’… She got me, but that’s not my best side.

Missed again.

Missed again.








When the sky booms and heaps of water falls on the ground, I’ll spend most of the day wrapped up in a rug on the human’s bed, as it’s chilly outside. At night, she’ll turn on the big heater box and I’ll sprawl out in front hogging the warmth, rather than curling up on my human armchair. Later, when a patch of my fur gets a bit toasty, I’ll move.

The human continues to stay up late working, so I have a new technique to get her up in the morning.

Step 1:  I press my right paw into her cheek and extend my claws. She usually grunts and shakes her head, moving away. After a couple of times, the human rolls over, burying her face into the pillow.

Step 2:  Next, I plonk myself near her head and position my front paws over the edge of the bed, crouching down. I then flick the tip of my tail under her nose. This causes her to gasp and scratch her nose. The human is now up, ready to get me breakfast.





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