Sharing A Treat

Guest Blogger:  Snout – A Stray Woofer

Me before I left home.

Me, before I left home.








I met Smudge through a bust-up over sausages. My snout (also my name, which my former human thought was like licorice— whatever that is), alerts me to a delicious aroma. Salivating, I follow the scent into a backyard.

I discover a couple of juicy snags in a dish on a ledge. Before my tail can fully rotate, I am scoffing down the tasty treats and find myself confronted by a hissing moggie, while humans natter inside a big shed.

‘Settle down, dude’, but the moggie lashes out with splayed claws. Immediately, I pin a paw over his body. ‘Peace my fickled feline. You speako the lingo?’

The feline spits, ‘They’re mine, scumbag!’

‘Hey, no insults… Man I was famishooshed! My name’s Snout and I’m a wanderer.’ Releasing my paw, the feline springs up and glares.

‘Haven’t spoken with a dog before, didn’t know I could… I’m Smudge.’

I’m a peaceful dude and a smoothie with the woofettes, but Smudge doesn’t return my friendly karmic wishes.

‘Why are you gi-normous and your tail sooo stumpy?’

Man, this cat is annoying as flea bites. He’s fluffy like a rabbit – which reminds me of the fun I had chasing them. Mmm… my eyes glaze over and my tongue hangs out.  Smudge takes off, with me in pursuit. I come to a halt when he scrambles up a tree. Yawning, I roll over for a nap.

Smudge is now a mate. Sometimes I visit him for exercise and a free feast.


Smudge, curving his bushy tail.

Smudge, flexing his bushy tail.


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