Stupid Humans And New Year Things

Playing with my new toys.

Playing with my new toys.







Slacker—that’s the human. There haven’t been any recent posts because she’s been going out heaps. I’m not impressed being left home alone. It’s almost daylight when she bursts in, a bit wonky on her legs. I’m about to bite her ankle, when she leans over and pounds my head with her her big mitt.

‘Hap-py New Year, Smud-gee. The human takes a couple of steps and crashes to the floor. She has tripped on one of my zip-zip toys. (Humans are pretty dumb ’cause they can’t see in the dark). On all fours she finds the couch, clambers up and soon is snoozing. I thought she might have found a new mate ’cause of her disappearances, but maybe, she’s been looking for one. Good luck. Her grooming is not up-to-scratch—she’s a bit feral!

Enough about the human. Recently, I’ve had a few more toys to add to my stash – a big woolly ball, a fish filled with catnip—pure bliss—and a bouncy sheep on a stretchy string which was fun until it hit me ‘bang’, in the head and now I’m scared of it.

And the Big News… My nemesis – that smarty paws from down the road – has been sent packing with his humans, so now I have my territory back and more. Purrfect! Every morning after waking my human with a whack, ‘Get me some breakfast and open the backdoor, ‘ I’ll lounge out on the deck and survey my domain. What more could a moggie want?



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