Stories That Will Make Your Whiskers Curl

Greeting my former human.

As a kittten, I used to live in another place—high up in the sky with two humans. They left me alone a lot. I couldn’t get out, so I became bored. To amuse myself, I’d sharpen my claws behind the couch and shred that stuff that makes good cat litter.

When the humans came home, I’d pounce on either of their legs and catch a ride. At first they thought it was cute, but as I grew, this and similar behaviour caused me trouble – big time.

Being dumped into a box and taken away to a prison for homeless moggies was CATASTROPHIC! Many were unsavoury, with a bad case of fleas. There were no comforts, expect a used rug. I was outside, locked in a big cage. It took ages before my current human chose me to share her place. As soon as I was let loose into my new house, I was so happy and went exploring.

Hey, can you believe it? That stupid, feathered-ball dive-bombed me again, (see Assault On The Furball). I’ve just raced inside for cover. The human finds me huddled in the hall cupboard. She touches my head and speaks softly. Soon, I’m de-stressed.

She is a big softie, but often gets uptight. To relax, she has a strange way of folding-up her limbs and doing funny stretches.

I’ll give it a try. Hope it will help me.


Me de-stressing.

Me de-stressing.


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