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Happy that the 'Ancient One' is here with the human.

Happy that the ‘Ancient One’ is here with the human.






My nose twitches and I hear muffled sounds. The human is back. She appears at the front entrance with the ancient human, who is clutching her arm.

The oldie shuffles in. Her scent is similar to the human’s. The fur on top of her head is wiry, unlike the human’s glossy fur. Both have similar markings on their faces—must be from the same litter.

‘Hello, have you been a good boy?’ The oldie beams as I smooch around her wobbly legs. There is a gentleness about her. She limps, probably from a big jump.

‘Don’t knock her over Smudge,’ the human exclaims.

I follow them to where the food is kept. The human prepares some treats. Afterwards, they rest on the couch. Soon the human is raising her voice and sighing at her guest, (just like she does with me).

Months later

I don’t know what’s wrong… The human is quiet. She stares ahead and is making throaty sounds. I’ve tried getting her attention – nipping her chunky leg. Normally, she’d jump up and yell, but she barely moves. Maybe, she is sick and should go to see Dr Hindmarsh. When I go, I usually feel better.

After many moons, the human is almost back to her loud, annoying self. I’ve been plonking myself on her lap and being extra smoochie, but really, she should be fussing over me. She wears a tag around her neck that has the scent of the oldie. What happened to her?


This post is dedicated to my mum.


Unwanted Guests

Cosy in the cupboard.

Banished from the bedroom, but cosy in the cupboard.









When the human brings home company – a male—I’m not happy. He’ll be bigger than her and have a strong scent. I’ll have to distract her for attention and challenge him, ’cause I’m the dominant male.

When her last mate was here, I sat between them on the couch. Soon he is leaning over and they snuggle. ‘Hey, what about me?’ They move off to her room.

I scamper over as I don’t want to miss out on any fun. Circling the bed, I leap up and land SMACK on top of the mate. He yells out, scaring me, so I dig in my claws. ‘AHHH!’ He yells louder, then shoves me off.

The human dumps me out in the hallway, slamming the door. I am not impressed. After scratching and miaowing for ages, I’m tired. When the door opens, I’ll go back and mark my territory on the cloths, the challenger wraps around his body.

As I plod past the big cupboard, I discover a new snoozing place – the bottom ledge of the cupboard where there are heaps of rugs. It’s a bit tricky to jump in as the door isn’t fully opened… Now settled, my head almost touches the next ledge.

In the morning, the human’s jaw drops when she swings open the cupboard door and finds me inside. She is eyeballing me. Will she push me out, or is she challenging me to a fight over her mate? Neither, and I stay comfy. Mmm… just love the smell of fresh rugs.


Stories That Will Make Your Whiskers Curl

Greeting my former human.

As a kittten, I used to live in another place—high up in the sky with two humans. They left me alone a lot. I couldn’t get out, so I became bored. To amuse myself, I’d sharpen my claws behind the couch and shred that stuff that makes good cat litter.

When the humans came home, I’d pounce on either of their legs and catch a ride. At first they thought it was cute, but as I grew, this and similar behaviour caused me trouble – big time.

Being dumped into a box and taken away to a prison for homeless moggies was CATASTROPHIC! Many were unsavoury, with a bad case of fleas. There were no comforts, expect a used rug. I was outside, locked in a big cage. It took ages before my current human chose me to share her place. As soon as I was let loose into my new house, I was so happy and went exploring.

Hey, can you believe it? That stupid, feathered-ball dive-bombed me again, (see Assault On The Furball). I’ve just raced inside for cover. The human finds me huddled in the hall cupboard. She touches my head and speaks softly. Soon, I’m de-stressed.

She is a big softie, but often gets uptight. To relax, she has a strange way of folding-up her limbs and doing funny stretches.

I’ll give it a try. Hope it will help me.


Me de-stressing.

Me de-stressing.