Assault on the Furball

The General on patrol.

The General on patrol.








Guest Blogger:  The General – Leader of Myna Birds in Smudge’s Backyard.

Furball Predators,

I do not welcome your kin, especially that despicable feline, Smudge, who is reason why decline of my flock. Zee human being has dug up some worms in exchange for story about myself and zhat cat. Now, I tell how dangerous life is.

I, the General, take action to prevent futher knock-offs. I form zee Myna Wing-Jets, with Wing Attack Manjeet and Dive Bomber Mani under my command.

Smudge, you beast… killing my fledglings last spring, when they leave nest. My wife Mimi and I are heartbroken. Now Blackbird Bruce injured. I vow in zee memory of our great warrior, Mahadev, the Myna Bird, to make hell your life and to save my flock and other chirpers from your claws. I hope the big dog down road eats you!

An hour later…

‘Attention Wing-Jets, this is zee General. Spotted cat suspect, 50 degrees right. Follow me… Formation Wing-Jets. ATTACk now target – dive and swoop! Repeat:  ATTACk target – dive and swoop!’


‘Success my Wing-Jets. Zee predator has shot down path, over big barrier and in bushes hides. Zee Wuss, Scaredy-Cat! Snapping of beaks frighten him. Loser! We’ll patrol every day. Job good.

Tweet o’ Tweet. Zwat joy my flockettes! Zee cat has scat.’

The General surveys the backyard.

The General surveys the backyard.


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