Never Completely Trust Your Human

Get this off.

Get this off.

Sometimes the human becomes feral and does the unthinkable. When snoozing, she will sneak up from behind and fling a rug over my head and body, grabbing me. Kicking and squirming, I’ll try to escape from her clutches, before she is stuffing me into a cage. My dangling paws grip the edges until she unlatches each leg and shoves me in, snapping the door shut. The human takes me in her fast moving container to see Dr Ringworth, not my favourite human. Arriving, she lugs the cage against her leg and I’m jolted around.

We enter a big place. My heart thumps as there are strange smells and can you believe it, scumbag dogs too. Instead of Dr Ringworth, we see Dr Jo. I dig my claws into the bottom of the cage, but Dr Jo pulls me out. Shaking, I am bear-hugged by the human while Dr Jo pokes, prods and stabs me with a sharp stick. I jump and turn around, sinking my fangs into her hand.

‘@##*&#,’ she yells, as I dart into an opened, shiny cupboard. The human’s mouth is open. Dr Jo drags me from my hidey spot, putting me back into the cage and I’m happy to go home.

One time I was badly hurt after a fight, so the human left me here. It was horrible… I didn’t think she was coming back. Another visit, Dr Ringworth attached a big thing around my neck. It was unbearable… I couldn’t lick the slash on my head or wash my face. It was hard holding my head up. I’d keep bumping into things and it was impossible to eat unless the human stacked my food bowl on something high, so I could thrust my face into the bowl. How embarrassing! What unspeakable thing has your human done to you?



2 thoughts on “Never Completely Trust Your Human

  1. yakinamac

    The monthly ritual of the flea treatment leaves me in disgrace for hours. Had to do it again just yesterday – Patsy proceeded to cower every time I went near her for an hour afterwards, just as though I was going to hit her. I’m sure she’d trying to guilt trip me into stopping!



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