Snug in a rug.

I used to snuggle up next to the human on her huge bed, but after awhile I’d retreat to the couch and curl up on my own rug as she made loud rumbles—must have been happy.

My other sleeping spots include the plush armchair, my own personal tent—I just fit in, but during the day, I bags the human’s bed wrapping myself up in the rugs. Sometimes it is hard, especially if she has folded a rug several times… I’ll paw at a fold opening it up, then slide my nose and head under, slowly wriggling my body until I’m covered. I’m not just a pretty face.

After my first early morning breakfast, I’ll be back to cosy up with the human until she gets up and leaves the covers open. Later, I’ll return and stretch out. If I hear her coming, I’ll bury my nose under the tip of my tail or place a paw over my eyes.

Hey, I’m trying to air the bed,’ the human exclaims. Sometimes she shoves me off, but if I look up wide-eyed, I usually get to stay there.

She has a routine of removing the sheets and replacing them with fresh ones. As quick as a mouse, I’ll leap up onto the bed before she shakes and spreads out a sheet, tucking in the edges.

‘Where’s Smudge? I can’t find him.’ She throws another sheet on top, then the cover.

It’s heavy and dark underneath—pretty cosy—but after awhile I can’t breathe. I bulldoze through, clawing and headbutting my way out. Flopping onto the floor, I give my body a good shake before sauntering off. That was so cool!



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