Hi Moggie Fans,

Humans are easily amused. If you bat a ball, pounce on a toy mouse or run after a piece of string, they think it’s hilarious. By keeping them entertained and chasing after you, it also keeps them agile and you can have fun too. My favourite game is hide and seek chasey.

To indicate playtime to the human, I jump in front of her and stand with my body arched and fur puffed out. ‘Are you scared? It’s time for action.’ As I dash past, I nip her lower leg. She yelps and jumps up, but I’ve bolted into the another room and am hiding behind the couch.

Thud, thud. The human strides across the floor calling out.

I’m squashed between the couch and the wall. My tail is sticking out. but I can’t stop it twitching.

Suddenly she grabs it, but I wriggle out of her clutches. I pop out from the other end, sprinting past doors and rooms. She lunges after me. ‘You can’t catch me… over here.’ The big cupboard door isn’t shut tight. I sprint towards it and slip in. Sitting upright, I don’t move, not even a whisker.

The door fully opens and the human bends down. ‘I can see you.’

Scrambling out and hurtling down the floor, I retreat to another room waiting in pounce position till she finds me. A couple more times around will tire her out.

Above is a picture of me hiding under her dressing table. I want to swipe her foot, but I can’t see that well.

I’ve had enough. Time for a snooze.